toddler girl holding up a blue ball surrounded by multi-colored balls

The Toddler and Two Year Old Programs are centered on creative free play activities. Emphasis is also placed on stories, creative art, music and a basic introduction to colors, shapes and numbers. Activities include those that stimulate the early stages of sensory motor development and social interaction. 

Our teachers are especially trained to accommodate the needs of very young children, and emphasize development of fine and gross motor skills. Each child is allowed to develop at their own pace, in a safe and caring environment. The Itsy, Bitsy Yoga Program™ rounds out the Toddler/Two Year Old curriculum. Studies have shown that children who participate in yoga exercises regularly are calmer, sleep better, and have longer attention spans. In addition, yoga exercises build strength, flexibility, motor skills, and improves digestion. Just wait until you see your child in the “Downward Dog” position!