Enrichment Programs

two infants painting on a wall

For 15 Months - 6 Year Olds

Here at Creative Paths Learning Center, we believe that children learn in different ways.

Through our early childhood enrichment programs, children are exposed to different experiences to help them discover their sense-of-self and encourages positive self-esteem and self-confidence. These programs offer a variety of learning opportunities to stimulate children's social, emotional, physical, and intellectual abilities.

Little Picassos

They will get messy, they will have fun, they will create, and they will experiment. Kids learn to discover, explore, and imagine while using a variety of materials and methods. This class encourages the development of creative thinking and problem solving. Students experience the joy of art through different mediums, colors, photos, crafts, shapes, dough, textures, animals, cut and paste, sculpting, drawing, sketching, and much more! Our Art classes are designed to help your little artists discover their inner Picasso while allowing their own unique personality to flourish and thrive!

Musical Maestros

Come join the band! Children will practice and perform as an individual and as a group while participating in musical activities that blend music, rhythm, and fun. Song and dance, rhythm and rhyme, join the fun for a rockin' time! Musical Maestros is a structured music and movement program that focuses on sensory integration, fine and gross motor movements, rhythm skills, and socialization. Rhythm instruments and props used in class include maracas, tambourines, scarves, beanbags, drums, and much more.

Science & Discovery

Basic scientific concepts will be explored through a variety of activities – loads of hands-on science fun! We will involve experiments and exploration designed just for younger scientists. There will be lots of exciting topics covering Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics to investigate, observe, and discover.

Dance, Gymnastics & Movement

Dance, gymnastics, and movement can provide connections with all subject matter (literacy, math, science, etc.) and help students to understand concepts important in other disciplines. The purpose of movement education is to provide a structured outlet for physical development, social/emotional awareness, and cognitive growth.