Phonics & Literacy Program

Two Year to Pre-Kindergarten Phonics & Literacy Program

Learning a new concept is best achieved by relating the new material to previously learned concepts. The Amazing Action Alphabet is so successful because it takes the abstract alphabet-with its shapes, names, and sounds-and presents it to the learner in terms based on knowledge that most children already have and understand. Children recognize animals at a very early age. The Amazing Action Alphabet takes the already familiar look of an animal and bends it into the shape of an abstract letter. Now the shape of the letter is no longer abstract because the animal, which the child recognizes, makes the shape of the letter. This gives life to the letter, so it is no longer just black lines and circles on white paper. Once the child recognizes the letter as an animal, it makes sense to give it a name. And the name of the animal is the name of the letter; for example, the name of the alligator is A.

Now that each letter has a name and the child can easily recognize the animal in the shape of a letter, an amusing story (told by a puppet of the corresponding animal) gives a legitimate reason for why the letter makes the sound that it does.

Then we combine this with an approach that lets children see, hear, and do, engaging multiple senses and learning styles into the most powerful method for learning and retention we know. Experience has shown that children almost instantly catch on to this method of learning. The recall that a child will exhibit for identifying letters with their corresponding names and sounds will astonish anyone who uses this program.

Learning to read is one of the most important skills a child will develop. Creative Paths Learning Center is dedicated to providing an excellent education for your child through our individualized reading program. Children develop the skills necessary for reading at different ages. Teachers will test and observe children for signs of reading readiness. At that time, an individualized program will be planned and introduced to the child.

Literacy begins when a child uses a word to describe an object or uses an object to represent another, such as when a child uses a box to represent a car. During the first stage of reading development children realize that groups of letters can mean something. Children have the ability to learn numerous words that mean something to them, such as favorite restaurants or names. During the phonemic awareness stage of development, children become aware of the specific letter sounds in words. During this time, the program “The Amazing Alphabet Action” is used.

The next stage of development occurs when children develop the ability to recognize several letters as working together to create a sound:

  • Diagraphs: (example) ch, sh, oo, ee
  • Prefixes: (example) pre-, un-
  • Suffixes: (example) -ion, -ing

The Creative Paths Individualized Reading and Literacy Program utilizes the senses of touch, sound, and sight. Children will be introduced to letters/sounds using a variety of sensory and hands on activities. The sounds will be reinforced with an individualized mini book with pictures and words.

Once a child has mastered all letters, letter sounds, diagraphs, prefixes, and suffixes, a series of Early Readers will be used to keep students challenged while encouraging their growth and development. Creative Paths Learning Center is committed to helping your child reach his or her full potential.

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